Farm Thunder Token has officially launched on DEX TTSwap! With this IDO, users can freely exchange FTT with any tokens listed on the DEX. This has been a long time coming, and we’re very happy to receive so much support from our community.

50,000 FTT Airdrop giveaway

To celebrate this much-anticipated event, we’ll be hosting a big giveaway-50,000 FTT Airdrop Event! As you may already know, the details and rules of this giveaway event have already been disclosed to the public, but the schedule hasn’t. Well, we’re excited to say that it will go live on August 19th! …

Howdy Farmers! We’re very excited to announce the launch of TT Farm’s new feature!

New payment method

You can now purchase animals with $FTT, as well as $USDT, $USDC, and $HUSD. That makes our animals purchasable with a total of 6 different cryptos!

On top of the recent Farm Thunder Token (FTT) IDO on TTSwap, we’re also launching an Initial Farm Offering (IFO) with our partners at Ram Protocol! TT Farm’s IFO is a fantastic way to participate in the development of FTT in the community and to increase the amount of FTT that you hold. Everyone is able to participate in the IFO by staking your FTT-TT LP token.

This is a capital-efficient cycle that will help our Farmers maximize their profits. It’s not every day you see an IDO and IFO happening back to back.

How to participate

  1. Get FTT on TTSwap.
  2. Add liquidity…

We’re extremely excited to announce that Farm Thunder Token (FTT) will be going public on TTSwap this week!

FTT is a deflationary TT20 token deployed on the ThunderCore blockchain, by the developers of TT Farm. FTT is the token that powers the entire TT Farm ecosystem with a hard cap of 1,000,000 tokens.

FTT contract address on the ThunderCore blockchain (this can be used to add FTT to your MetaMask wallet): 0xD441cD6eCfA027721B4d9ea5D9a6A9649ad8b3dA


The max supply for FTT is 1,000,000 tokens. FTT’s allocation is divided into 4 pools: Team, Investor/Advisor, Community, and Ecosystem.


25% of the total supply is reserved for…

Howdy Farmers! Farm Thunder Token (FTT) is here! To celebrate, we’ll do a massive airdrop event in the near future with 5% (50,000 FTT) of the total FTT supply as rewards!

👉Learn more about FTT here.

Here’s how this event works:

Event duration

  • Start: August 19, 2 PM (UTC+8)
  • End: September 18, 2 PM (UTC+8)

Airdrop details

  • 5 animals with the FTT airdrop label on them will be released when the event starts. Only users who purchase these labeled animals will receive FTT airdrops.
  • As long as you purchase these animals when they’re available, you will receive FTT airdrops. We will distribute your FTT…

Howdy Farmers! Thank you all for being patient with the development of TT Farm’s Farm Thunder Token (FTT). Before you get to interact with FTT, we’re extremely excited to announce more high APR animals are coming your way.

To celebrate this beautiful summer season, we’ll be hosting the TT Farm Summer Special Edition Drop!

Here’s how this drop will commence:

Event duration

  • Start: July 14, 2021 @ 2pm (UTC+8)
  • End: August 10, 2021 @ 2pm (UTC+8)

Drop details

  • Starting from July 14th, 2 animals will be released each week; a total of 8 animals will be released during this event.

TT Farm’s roadmap for 2021 and beyond

Howdy Farmers! It’s been more than 2 months since TT Farm has launched. A lot has happened in this short period of time and many milestones were reached. So far, a total of 69 animals have been released with a total claim rate of approximately 90%. These animals range in all shapes, sizes, and costs. We’ve also expanded our social presence on Twitter and our community through special animal drop campaigns and partnerships.

On 5/15, our total sales exceeded $1M BUSD. We’re very happy with the results and grateful for the support from our Farmers. We’re just getting started!


Howdy Farmers! Our special animal drop/airdrop event has officially ended on Monday, May 31. The event was a big success as all the Rams we dropped daily were sold out within 3 minutes. A total of 21 rams were released and all the users who bought the Rams have received their airdrop rewards of 300 RAM tokens each.

Check out the airdrop winners’ wallet addresses here.

This event was made possible thanks to our friends at Ram Protocol. We are currently in a strategic partnership with them: they are using TT Farm’s price oracle service to provide live price feeds…

Howdy Farmers! We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends at Ram Protocol, a non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets on the ThunderCore blockchain.

It is basically a DeFi project where you can stake your crypto and earn interest back as well as an additional amount of RAM tokens. Currently, Ram Protocol is using TT Farm’s Price Oracle Service, a mechanism that provides live price feed to the cryptos they are supporting on their platform. …

TT Farm 👨‍🌾

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