FTT’s IFO on Ram Protocol

On top of the recent Farm Thunder Token (FTT) IDO on TTSwap, we’re also launching an Initial Farm Offering (IFO) with our partners at Ram Protocol! TT Farm’s IFO is a fantastic way to participate in the development of FTT in the community and to increase the amount of FTT that you hold. Everyone is able to participate in the IFO by staking your FTT-TT LP token.

This is a capital-efficient cycle that will help our Farmers maximize their profits. It’s not every day you see an IDO and IFO happening back to back.

How to participate

  1. Get FTT on TTSwap.
  2. Add liquidity for the FTT-TT pair to receive FTT-TT LP tokens.
  3. Stake your FTT-TT LP tokens on Ram Protocol’s staking page.


  • Staking start time: August 20, 2021; 6:00 AM (UTC) — start staking FTT-TT LP tokens
  • Farming start time: August 23, 2021; 6:00 AM (UTC) — start to earn FTT rewards
  • End time: September 22, 2021; 6:00 AM (UTC) — IFO ends

Benefits of participating in the IFO

By participating in the IFO on Ram Protocol, you will:

  • Get more FTT
  • Earn liquidity provider fees

You can:

  • Stake your newly earned FTT on TTSwap again to gain a larger market share as a liquidity provider.
  • Repeat the profitability cycle by staking your LP tokens on Ram.

Where to get LP tokens?

To get started, head on over to TTSwap and add liquidity for the pair FTT-TT and you will receive LP tokens.

And that is how you can maximize your profits with FTT.

To learn more about this IFO and other upcoming features, visit our Gitbook document for more information.

Happy Farming!

Join our community!

Telegram — https://t.me/ttfarm

Twitter — https://twitter.com/TTFarm_Official




A good place to EARN🥚 Visit us at https://ttfarm.xyz/

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TT Farm 👨‍🌾

TT Farm 👨‍🌾

A good place to EARN🥚 Visit us at https://ttfarm.xyz/

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