How to Maximize your Profits on TT Farm

A few tips on how you can earn more profits

Howdy farmers! We hope you enjoyed the farm animals we released. Here are a few tips on maximizing your profits on TT Farm:

Tips 1

Remember to always collect your farm produce from your animals. There is a time limit to how long you can collect them until they expire.

Tip 2

Your profits will be in the form of Thunder Tokens (TT). You will not get back the BUSD you spent on purchasing the animals. They are investments for how much TT you get in return.

Tip 3

TT’s price fluctuations will directly impact your profit margin. As a result, please keep in mind the cost of your BUSD and take into account the returns shown on the UI before you purchase an animal. Note: the return shown on the UI fluctuates along with TT’s price.

Tip 4

Keep an eye out for new animals coming soon! We recently shared a poll to get to know the animals you would like to see on TT Farm. If you haven’t already, you can go vote in our Telegram group. Happy farming!

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