Incoming Airdrop Available as TT Farm Partners with Ram Protocol

Howdy Farmers! We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends at Ram Protocol, a non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets on the ThunderCore blockchain.

It is basically a DeFi project where you can stake your crypto and earn interest back as well as an additional amount of RAM tokens. Currently, Ram Protocol is using TT Farm’s Price Oracle Service, a mechanism that provides live price feed to the cryptos they are supporting on their platform. A key reason for this partnership is because we think their project has great potential and can help you guys profit even more.

Recently, our total sales reached 1M+ BUSD. That is no easy feat, and it’s because of you guys that we’re able to achieve such a milestone. A certain percentage of that total sales will be deposited to the Ram Protocol, and as TT Farm earns interest and RAM tokens from that, a certain percentage of the earned amount will be distributed to you guys. This is just one of many ways we’ll be bringing benefits to you; more to come in the near future.

On top of that, the developers at Ram Protocol also agreed to distribute some of their RAM tokens reserved for their community to the farmers in TT Farm as airdrops.

To celebrate this partnership, there will be an event in the upcoming days:

  • Event duration: 5/25 @ 12pm — 5/31 @ 12pm (UTC+8)
  • During this event, 3 rams will be released in TT Farm every single day. A total of 21 rams will be released throughout the week.
  • The rams can be purchased at an extremely low price, and users who purchase these rams will receive 300 RAM tokens from airdrops after the event ends.
  • To make it fair, users cannot purchase more than one ram.

Keep an eye out for drop announcements via our channels. We’ll let you all know before these rams are available for purchase. Stay tuned and happy farming!

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