Introducing Farm Thunder Token

We’re extremely excited to announce that Farm Thunder Token (FTT) will be going public on TTSwap this week!

FTT is a deflationary TT20 token deployed on the ThunderCore blockchain, by the developers of TT Farm. FTT is the token that powers the entire TT Farm ecosystem with a hard cap of 1,000,000 tokens.

FTT contract address on the ThunderCore blockchain (this can be used to add FTT to your MetaMask wallet): 0xD441cD6eCfA027721B4d9ea5D9a6A9649ad8b3dA


The max supply for FTT is 1,000,000 tokens. FTT’s allocation is divided into 4 pools: Team, Investor/Advisor, Community, and Ecosystem.


25% of the total supply is reserved for the TT Farm team to reward current and prospective members for their hard work and commitment to building TT Farm.

Contract address: 0x59c5A2cFf99A05D34Ce93d0a7b51D152365b53e9


5% of the total supply is reserved for TT Farm’s investors and advisors.

Contract address: 0xa57657718Bc85CE8b191363F2D0C1B56052448B8


30% of the total supply is reserved for future community incentive programs as well as bringing new features and updates to the TT Farm community. The scope of the Community Pool’s usage includes but is not limited to marketing, airdrops, and partnerships.

Contract address: 0x1b85e3aA63D0eAbb819a9Fdcffe01e814248afAC


40% of the total supply is reserved for a wide range of DeFi purposes aimed at TT Farm’s ecosystem development, including but not limited to adding liquidity on decentralized exchanges and yield farming programs.

Contract address: 0x2bE0c16781f784B0bC2B7be5ae1b4b1f5b6946F1

*Community and Ecosystem reserve pools are susceptible to token burn/buy-back programs.

FTT’s utility and benefits

1. Liquidity provider on TTSwap: Become a liquidity provider on TTSwap for the FTT/TT trading pair and earn transactional fees in the form of APR.

2. Staking (VIP benefits)

  • Discount — Stake a certain amount of FTTs and get a price discount on ALL animals. The more you stake the more discounts you get.
  • Boost APR — Stake a certain amount of FTTs and boost your purchased animal’s APR by a certain percentage. The more you stake the more you can boost.

3. Burn/Buy-back programs: Coming soon.

4. TT Farm version 3.0 features: Coming soon.

How to buy FTT (after IDO)

  1. Download ThunderCore Hub or other decentralized wallets that support the ThunderCore Mainnet.
  2. Deposit TT in your wallet for transactional and gas fee-related purposes. TT is used in the ThunderCore ecosystem.
  3. Visit the DEX TTSwap.
  4. Swap for FTT.

About TT Farm

TT Farm is a DeFi project deployed on the ThunderCore blockchain. Originally, what started as a DeFi DApp that gamifies the purchase of Thunder Tokens (TT) through BUSD, TT Farm 1.0 allows users to purchase animals that come in all shapes and sizes. Each animal has its own unique and individual characteristics, such as the differences in cost, lifetime, and return on investment in the form of APR. These differences allow users to manage their investment portfolio and diversify their investment methods.

What was a simple and gamified transactional DApp has now turned into a full-fledged DeFi project capable of more. With the launch of Farm Thunder Tokens (FTT), TT Farm 2.0 enables users to maximize their capital efficiency and profitability even further.

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