TT Farm & 0xPunchline’s AMA Recap

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6 min readOct 6, 2021


Host: Hen Lisa, TT Farm

Guest: Fox, 0xPunchline

AMA Structure:

  1. Introduction
  2. 5 questions from Twitter
  3. 5 questions from AMA


Hen Lisa: Howdy Farmers! Welcome to our first-ever AMA! In today’s AMA let’s welcome our friendly Dev Fox to our TT Farm group!!! 👋

Fox: Hi hi hi, what a great community here. I’m so glad to be here.

Hen Lisa: We’re very glad to invite you Fox! Fox is the developer of 0xPunchline, a multi-chain project that runs on both ThunderCore and the Binance Smart Chain.

During this AMA, I’ll be asking the questions and you will be answering them! Before we begin, Fox could you briefly introduce your DApp 0xPunchline?

Fox: 0xPunchline is a very socially challenging innovative Play2Earn game running both on ThunderCore and BSC.

Hen Lisa: Wonderful! We’ve heard a lot about 0xPunchline from our community and we’re sure the community has a lot of questions to ask you!!

During this AMA, I’ll first start out by asking you 5 questions from our community chosen from Twitter, and then we’ll let the community ask you some questions and you can pick 5 to answer.

Are you ready to get started Fox?

Fox: I’m ready, let’s go!

5 questions from Twitter

Hen Lisa, Question 1: What exactly is Punchline for someone who is hearing about it for the first time?

Fox: 0xPunchline is Play-to-Earn NFT-themed game. So Battle, Win, Earn.

It is a social game where people fantasize about famous people’s punchlines. Players compete to make their punchlines last as long as possible and get rewarded for their skills.

Hen Lisa, Question 2: Please give a detailed explanation of how Punchline works?

Fox: Everyday Punchline distributes prizes to top-scoring players.

To score you have to Take Over a card (an NFT).

Each second you hold a person you score 1 point.

So to win you have to Take Over as many cards as possible and hold them for as long as possible.

It is a unique concept, there is no other game like Punchline so might be hard to understand at the beginning.

Hen Lisa: Would you like to elaborate more and/or share some pictures of 0xPunchline for new users? I’m sure a lot of our users have heard about 0xPunchline

Fox: So when you enter the game you going to see Prize Pool and your score at the top. Prize Pool is going to get distributed to the winners every day at noon UTC.

Right now you can see that player 0x92F0 has Taken Over the Lewis Hamilton card 12340 seconds ago, so he scored over 12000 points already with this single Take Over

But the game is tough, you might score as little as 0 points if you take over and someone else takes over right after you.

The players’ goal is to Take Over in a way to hold the card as long as possible. You can achieve this by taking over when no one else is playing by making strategic partnerships with other players.

You could demotivate other players by constantly taking over all the cards.

Everything is described in the Rules section of the game and we have a great community on Telegram

Hen Lisa, Question 3: What was the funniest punchline you’ve read so far?


The funniest situation has been when people have been accusing 2 players of being father and son. Punchline is a social game and we would love it to be also a family game. But in this case in the drama of battle for victory some players wanted others to get banned for being father and son.

They were not father and son, just one has called the other one ‘daddy’ due to his age and this comment has somehow escalated.

Hen Lisa, Question 4: Are you a global project or a local project? Are you planning to promote your project in different countries, where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Fox: Surely a global one. If you would like to be an admin of Punchline Telegram and Twitter in a different language please let us know. Together we are stronger!

Hen Lisa, Question 5: In addition to programming, you have to understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem. What is it like for a programmer to develop attractive financial products?

Fox: Being a crypto developer is just an amazing experience. Programmable money is the best toy ever created. I believe that cryptocurrency's future is very bright as crypto developers are the smartest most innovative people on Earth. We are the revolution! Cryptocurrency has real value and is the biggest wealth transfer in history. It is our chance!

5 questions from AMA

Question 1: Currently, most investors only care about profits at the moment but ignore the long-term benefits. So can you give them some advice on why they should buy and hold this token/coin in the long term?

Fox: Why hold $PUNCH long term? As we here to stay. 0xPunchline is a real project, not a mass product of some token factory. You know these factory coins. They live for a month, then developers go to create a new one. 0xPunchline is here forever and ever. $PUNCH is more like Bitcoin rather than Yellow Green Norvegian Shiba Inu coin.

Question 2: How the demand for your token will increase in the future? or what steps would you take to increase the demand?


Short term: Feedback from many influencers has been that website is not good enough. We are working on a website update as we really need it for the marketing campaign.

And then, marketing campaign, it is all already planned.

Long term: We adjust the strategy based on what happens short term. This is crypto. Everything changes all the time.

Question 3: What’s the tokenomic of $PUNCH?

Fox: Thundercore $PUNCH tokenomics attached. So 28600 $PUNCH tokens and no more can ever be created.

In regards to BSC. After the recent token minting issue, we are working on new tokenomics. It is going to be published on our website. Wait for an announcement on Twitter and Telegram.

Question 4: How do you pick which celebrities to put on Punchline?

Fox: Currently celebrities are chosen based on community proposals on Telegram. This is where we have voting.

Question 5: Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Fox: Next year we are going to release a 0xPunchline DAO platform so $PUNCH token holders will be able to vote with their tokens.

​​So any changes in the cards will be voted via the DAO. We are just waiting for the DAO hype to create a DAO.

Additional Question: Where can I buy your tokens now and how can I buy them? and what are your current contracts? Where can I buy your tokens now and how can I buy them? and what are your current contracts?

Fox: $PUNCH is available to buy on 2 blockchains: BSC and ThunderCore. If you would like to buy $PUNCH before our marketing starts, here are the links:

Binance Smart Chain:

Token contract code is verified on BSC scan and has been audited by and


Token contract code is verified on Viewblock and has been checked by Thundercore

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