TT Farm’s Big Giveaway: Incoming 50,000 FTT Airdrop Event!

Howdy Farmers! Farm Thunder Token (FTT) is here! To celebrate, we’ll do a massive airdrop event in the near future with 5% (50,000 FTT) of the total FTT supply as rewards!

👉Learn more about FTT here.

Here’s how this event works:

Event duration

  • Start: August 19, 2 PM (UTC+8)
  • End: September 18, 2 PM (UTC+8)

Airdrop details

  • 5 animals with the FTT airdrop label on them will be released when the event starts. Only users who purchase these labeled animals will receive FTT airdrops.
  • As long as you purchase these animals when they’re available, you will receive FTT airdrops. We will distribute your FTT airdrops every week. Users who bought the animals during the first week of the event will receive their FTT at the start of the second week, and so on.
  • Purchasing each of these animals make you eligible for different amounts of FTT. Each user can only purchase an animal once, but all five animals are available to purchase:
  • Animal A = 4 FTT airdrop
  • Animal B = 9 FTT airdrop
  • Animal C = 20 FTT airdrop
  • Animal D = 44 FTT airdrop
  • Animal E = 300 FTT airdrop
  • For example, a user can purchase animals A, B, C, and receive a total airdrop of 33 FTT; or he/she can purchase all 5 animals and receive a total airdrop of 377 FTT.
  • Once an animal sells out, it will not be restocked and no more airdrop rewards will come from it. Be sure to keep an eye out for high-demand animals!
  • The APR and claim rates these animals have are calculated separately and do not affect their airdrop rewards. You can still be claiming an animal’s produce after the airdrop event ends.

Our goal for FTT is to let its supply be as decentralized as possible, giving more power to its many holders instead of just a few. To ensure as many of our beloved farmers get FTT airdrops, most of the airdrop animals are affordable with a lot of quotas. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

We’re very excited about FTT’s incoming launch and what’s to come. This airdrop is just the beginning along with the many exciting projects that we’ve been working on over the past few months.

Check out the TT Farm roadmap for our upcoming plans throughout 2021.

Happy Farming!

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A good place to EARN🥚 Visit us at

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TT Farm 👨‍🌾

TT Farm 👨‍🌾

A good place to EARN🥚 Visit us at

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