TT Farm’s Summer Special Edition Drop

Howdy Farmers! Thank you all for being patient with the development of TT Farm’s Farm Thunder Token (FTT). Before you get to interact with FTT, we’re extremely excited to announce more high APR animals are coming your way.

To celebrate this beautiful summer season, we’ll be hosting the TT Farm Summer Special Edition Drop!

Here’s how this drop will commence:

Event duration

  • End: August 10, 2021 @ 2pm (UTC+8)

Drop details

  • 2 animals on July 14th.
  • 2 animals on July 21st.
  • 2 animals on July 28th.
  • 2 animals on August 4th.
  • The lifetime for each of these animals is 7 days, meaning that the 2 animals in the first week will only be available for purchase from July 14th~July 21th. After their availability expires, 2 new animals will be released on July 21th, and so on.
  • You can buy any of these 8 animals as long as you purchase them when they’re available.
  • The claim rate for these animals’ produce is not dependent on the availability date. You can buy an animal on the last day of its availability and keep claiming its produce while the next set of animals are made available.
  • The quotas of these animals are also limited depending on their APRs.

As we’re well underway into summer 2021, we want to use this time to release a few exclusive animals with high APRs that are only available for a short amount of time. If you miss out on the animals during the first few weeks, rest assured you will still get a chance. Just remember to keep an eye out on the release dates mentioned above to make sure you cop one before they sell out!

Happy farming!

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